Baccarat Guide

One of the most popular games among the words biggest high rollers is baccarat. The game has a very low house edge of around 1% and unlike other casinos games with a low edge it is very easy to play. If you are new to casino games then it is a great place to start as it is a simple decision of one of three bets to play.

There are three possible bets on a baccarat table. These are player, banker and tie. In each case you are betting on either the players hand being higher than the banker, the bankers hand being higher than the players or both hand having equal vale. Payoffs are 1 to 1 for a player bet, 1 to 1 minus 5% commission for a banker bet and 8 to 1 for a tie. The 5% commission on banker bets is taken because the odds favor the banker bet.

The game is usually played with eight decks of cards. Cards have the following values ; cards 2 through 9 have their face value, Aces are worth 1. Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings are all worth zero. A baccarat hand can have a highest value of nine so if a hand goes over nine the additional digit is removed. For example a hand of 6 and 9 equals 15 which in baccarat give as hand value of 5.

Each hand starts with both the banker and the player getting two cards. A third card may or may not be dealt to either hand depending on the total. This is known as the third card rule. If either player of banker has a total of 8 or 9 no additional cards are dealt in all other outcomes the following rules apply.

If the player hand totals 5 or less the player is dealt an additional card. If the player does not get an additional card then the banker gets one if the banker hand totals 5 or less. The following rules apply. If the banker has a hand with a total of 5 then an additional card is dealt when the player has 4, 5, 6 or 7. Finally if the dealer has six another card is dealt if the player has six or seven.

Simply pace a bet on either player, banker or tie and the cards will be dealt. There is no other player interaction in the outcome of each game.