Bingo Guide

The popularity of the web-based version began right after the 1990’s internet boom. In fact, bingo was the earliest of many internet casino-type games to into the gaming arena. In the past ten years there have been a large number of free online bingo internet sites that have developed massive groups of players to bring together players for large pot prizes.

Bingo is an extremely fun and exciting game. It is becoming increasingly popular online. This is not surprising. It is very easy to play, the games are inexpensive and many online bingo halls provide winners with great prizes and lots of cash. You will find that quite a few online bingo sites also offer much more then bingo. You may also be able to play slots games, instant games and casino games. Consider these, bonus games that can still earn you money.

Straight lines, vertical, horizontal and diagonal, are the most basic patterns, and are very popular. One more pattern which is also very popular, is the “coverall” pattern, or “blackout,” meaning you have to cover your entire card to get a bingo. You have to pay close attention, since the numbers are announced rapidly usually every 10 seconds, and you need to mark every called number appearing on your card.

The secret to having a great bingo experience is knowing the best places to play. This Online Bingo Guide has been created to direct you to the online bingo sites that offer the most lucrative games, best customer service and biggest payouts so that you don’t waste your time or money.

With  luck and practice, you’ll be on your way to making new friends and having fun in no time at all!